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  • Scuuting through Colorado’s Capital

    Denver is a city where you’ll want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the best way to travel is definitely by scooter. Here are some of the must-see stops around Colorado’s capital city.

  • Uber Scuuter Plus Is the Best Electric Scooter For All Your Needs!

    As electric scooters continue to rise in popularity, consumers are met with more options on the market today. While some may already have an idea of features they want in their electric scooter, others of you may be just starting out on this scooter information quest. We’re about to help you decide which features should be on YOUR shopping list and why. We bet you’ll love what the Uber Scuuter Plus has to offer you.
  • Shareable Scooters Banned? Uber Scuuters Aren’t

    If you’re a college student, or just a regular person living in a large city, you’ve probably heard the drama surrounding shareable scooter service...
  • Do I Need a License for an Electric Scooter?

    There are going to be different laws coming into play now that electric scooters are becoming more mainstream. While states, municipalities, and even colleges may have their own individual legislation on the topic, let’s focus on one of the main questions asked: Do I need a license to drive an electric scooter?

  • Top Places to Ride Electric Scooter in Chicago

    Chicago, affectionately coined  “The Great American City” is not lacking in sites to see.  In fact, the city is so full of things to do that fitting everything in could be a challenge, even for those well acquainted with the city. That’s where the Uber Scuuter and its convenient folding style comes to the rescue! Our electric scooter can take you around the city with ease, allowing more time for all of the fun the city holds.
  • Commuting Facts You Need to Know

    Commuting is seen as a necessary evil for people all over the world who have a need to get to and from work. However, commuting has a whole host of negative impacts that range from increasing the risk of anxiety and depression to increasing your individual carbon footprints. 
  • Top places to ride an Electric Scooter in Phoenix

    Phoenix, the capital of Arizona and the 5th most populous city in the country, is known as the Valley of the Sun for a reason. The warm, sunny climate — you’ll learn to embrace the words “dry heat” — provides locals and visitors alike with perfect weather for exploring the many attractions that Phoenix has to offer. And what better way to check out the area than on an electric scooter?
  • Why You’ll Love an Electric Scooter

    The question is really -- why wouldn’t you love an electric, foldable scooter? Quickly becoming a common sight in major cities, scooter owners are ...
  • Top 10 Large Campuses that Love Uber Scuuter

    In the world of college transportation, there are all sorts of headaches to deal with. From affording a parking permit and then fighting for a good parking spot to waiting on the bus or sprinting from one side of campus to the other in order to get to class on time, it always seems like it’s one thing or another. That is, unless you’re the owner of an electric scooter. Check out these 10 campuses that are great for college scooter life.  
  • Top 5 Places to Ride Electric Scooter in San Diego

    San Diego, know as the ‘birthplace of California’, sits along the southern coast of California and right along the border of Mexico. San Diego is rich in history, blessed with a mild year-round climate, and offers breathtaking beaches. In this blog, we’re sharing five great places in San Diego to explore while taking in the views on your folding scooter.
  • Ownership vs. Rideshare of Scooters

    With scooter sharing services in over 40 U.S. cities and climbing, scooter chatter is everywhere and the debate over ownership vs. rideshare may be crossing your mind. As you can imagine, there are many pros and cons on each side. Participating in a scooter rideshare is a great way to help contribute to protecting the environment. Think of the carbon emissions we could lower by using a scooter rideshare or better yet, purchasing your very own. We could save time, money, and quite frankly a few headaches from dealing with traffic.
  • Pittsburgh: ‘Scuuting’ Around the ‘Burgh

    Pittsburgh has got to be one of the best cities out there to experience on an electric scooter.  A beautiful city surrounded by three rivers and more bridges than Venice, Italy (443 bridges!), the ‘Burgh is home to amazing restaurants, fantastic sports arenas, unique neighborhoods, and some of the most wonderful museums in the country.