How Investing in an Electric Scooter Can Save You Money

How Investing in an Electric Scooter Can Save You Money

You’ve thought about purchasing an electric scooter, but you always end up convincing yourself you don’t need it, but what if we told you an electric scooter could save you money? Well, good news, it can!

Parking in the U.S. can be an exorbitant monthly cost, especially in cities, but most people just accept that there’s nothing they can do about the monthly expense. Alternative transportation methods like public transportation or rideshares aren’t necessarily a cheaper option, and they can be unreliable.

The average American spends 1,780 hours per year at work. That’s a lot of time to pay for parking. What does that look like in terms of money spent? Well, it depends on where you live.

If you live in New York City and pay for a monthly parking pass, you’re paying over $600 per month. If you live in either Boston or San Francisco, a monthly parking pass is over $300 per month. And, if you reside in Washington, DC, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland, or Pittsburgh, a monthly parking pass is over $200 a month.

What does that look like for an average person? For a person living in and commuting in Chicago, they could spend over $2,800 per year on parking. That doesn’t include the cost of a car payment, car insurance, gas, oil, tires, or any emergencies that might arise.

You might be doing the math in your head and thinking of all the other things you would like to spend that saved money on. Well, we recommend adding that dream item to your shopping cart, because when you take your electric scooter to work in any city in the U.S., you pay $0 in parking a month. Why? Because your folding scooter can fit with you in the elevator and sit in the corner of your office until you’re ready to zip home at the end of the day. Although purchasing an electric scooter requires an upfront investment of $1,195 it would more than pay for itself with the first six months based on parking costs alone!

For people that don’t live in one of those cities, you might be thinking you don’t spend that much on parking to justify the expense of an electric scooter, or that you only pay for parking when you travel. Unfortunately, transportation costs can add up quickly while you’re traveling. Comparing three different car rental agencies, the average cost for renting an economy car is $74 per day or $396 if you rent the car for an entire week. For one week you would be paying more than the amount it would cost to park in Boston for an entire month!

But wait! That’s without the cost of parking your rental car for your whole trip. If you decide to spend some time in New York City, you’ll be paying over $40 a day for parking. Let’s say you decide to rent a car and spend four days driving around the boroughs of New York - you would spend over $450 on your transportation alone. If you had your electric scooter with you, you could spend the money on some of the many attractions New York has to offer.

If your dream is to visit sunny California and spend some time driving the coast, you could spend as much as $27 per day just for parking. Want to spend a week exploring all of California’s beautiful sites? You would spend around $585 just for your rental car and parking. Instead of spending most of your budget on transportation and burning a lot of time looking for a parking spot at attractions, you could be riding around on your folding scooter, enjoying the California sun, and seeing some of the best attractions cities like San Francisco has to offer.

Having a folding scooter works even if you’re zipping around a colder city like Boston. With parking at over $30 a day and some of the worst traffic in the country, having the convenience of a folding scooter is great even if it snows.

Not only will an electric scooter save you money on parking, but it will also save you money on gas. The average price of gas in the United States is currently at $2.76. An average car holds about 12 gallons of gas, if you fill up your tank once a week for the entire year you’d spend over $1,700. That’s on top of the thousands you’d be spending on parking! How much does it cost to charge an electric scooter? You can get approximately 30 miles of travel for around $.25 worth of electricity. If you charged your scooter twice a day for an entire year, you’d be paying under $200, and that doesn’t include all you would save on parking by bringing your folding scooter inside with you!

At this point, you might feel like you just completed a math question off of the SAT, but it all comes down to this: an Uber Scuuter can save you thousands of dollars a year in parking costs and energy costs.

You might be thinking this all sounds great, but is an electric scooter really for me? The answer is yes! An electric scooter will not only save you money, but it will make your life more convenient. No more circling the parking lot waiting for someone to leave, or running to catch the train only to miss it by a minute, simply hop on your scooter, scoot on over to your destination, and then take your folding scooter inside with you! You won’t have to worry about changing out of your commuting outfit when you get to work, and instead of yelling at your co-pilot when you get lost on vacation, you’ll be excited to find the next hole in the wall place you stumble upon.

So what are you waiting for?! Zip on over to our website and start thinking of all the new, exciting places you can now afford to visit on the back of your folding scooter. Read more blogs about our favorite places to ride an Uber Scuuter.

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