About us

There’s nothing out there quite like Uber Scuuter®. Oh, sure, you’ve seen foldable scooters, but nothing compares to our perfect balance of performance, quality and affordability.  Our engineers have put in the hours to ensure that all three of our foldable scooter models are packed full of top technology and industry-leading features, all at a price which won’t break the bank.  There’s the lightweight Kick, coming in at just 39.7 lbs; the high performance Lite GT, with a whopping 22,000mAh battery and maximum speeds of 23.61 miles per hour; as well as the sturdy Plus model, the electric scooter mobility-minded riders will love.  We think scooters are the future of casual travel for all, young and old. That’s why we’ve created vehicles suited for a range of requirements. Take a look for yourself and get ready to scoot into a fast, efficient and eco-friendly future!