Why Scooters Are Great for Neighborhoods

Why Scooters Are Great for Neighborhoods

Electric scooters are popping up everywhere, but what makes them so great for neighborhoods? There are many answers to that question, so let’s explore them all to see if an electric scooter is the right move for you and your neighborhood travel.

Running Errands

Whether you’re in the city or live in a small town, we all need to run errands. It doesn’t make sense to turn your car on to run to the convenience store, especially when you have an electric scooter on hand. You can support your favorite neighborhood shops while being eco-friendly on your electric scooter.  This electric scooter has a 27-mile range on a single battery charge, so you can hit the bank, the store, and the coffee shop in one lap! Uber Scuuter can also hold up to 264 pounds, so it can carry you and your purchases. Whether you’re headed to the library to pick up some books, or to the grocery store for some milk, your Uber Scuuter will make sure you and your purchases get home safely. Need to run errands in the rain or snow? Your electric scooter is capable of traveling in bad weather, just take a look at our tips.

Cars vs. Electric Scooters

Cars can be convenient on the road, but not for your wallet. The headaches of maintenance, oil changes, and tune-ups alone might be enough to make you want to give up your car. With an electric scooter, you can pronounce every part of your ride (and understand what they do).  Best of all, we sell every part you need in our Uber Scuuter parts shop should you need a replacement.

Additionally, in every type of neighborhood, there are constant battles for parking. Whether it’s for the prime spot at your favorite breakfast shop, or fighting for the last open spot at the bank, you can spend more time searching for parking than you will at your actual destination. City-dwellers, say goodbye to painful parallel parking when you have an electric scooter. Don’t even get us started on parking tickets! With your Uber Scuuter, you can just pack up your foldable scooter at your destination and avoid the fine! Gas runs are also eliminated with an electric scooter. Instead of spending almost $150 on gas each month, charge up your electric scooter for only 25 cents of electricity. Switching from a gas-guzzling car to a scooter means you’ll have more money in the bank for things you actually want.


If you’re wondering whether you should buy an electric scooter, the positive impact electric scooters have on the environment should be taken into account. More and more people are switching to electric vehicles every day. In fact, the International Energy Agency forecasts that electric vehicles will grow from the current 3 million to 125 million by 2030! With an increased focus on climate change, the IEA believes that could easily turn into 220 million. If you’re choosing an electric vehicle, make it an electric, foldable scooter! Neighborhoods are always looking for more ways to become greener, you could start an eco-friendly transportation movement in your town with your electric scooter.


Dread your commute through your busy neighborhood every day? That’s probably because you don’t own an electric scooter yet. With speeds up to 15 miles per hour, your electric scooter can get you to work in no time. Long commutes have so many negative repercussions on your life, productivity, and health, but an Uber Scuuter can make your commute easier. The average American travels 16 miles to work every morning. Uber Scuuter has a 27-mile range, so you can grab a coffee and get to the office with miles to spare.

Is your office on the further end of that 27 miles? You can easily recharge for the commute home, it only takes 3-5 hours to get a full battery – no 10 hour wait time on your Uber Scuuter! Your foldable scooter easily stores for the workday. When it’s time to clock out, your Uber Scuuter will be ready to unfold and go. On your evening commute, don’t forget to switch on the LED headlight for visibility and safer riding. Even if you use public transportation for most of your commute, your convenient foldable scooter can handle “the last mile” of your ride.


People board public transportation 35 million times each weekday in the US. The growth of public transportation use is higher than the US population growth rate. But we’ve all waited for a late bus or a crowded subway. These might seem like minor inconveniences to those running the transportation systems, but it affects our livelihood every day. You can take control back by using a reliable electric scooter. You decide your departure time, your arrival time, and the route you take.

You also may live in a neighborhood that is underserved by public transportation and not even realize it! Shockingly, they aren’t neighborhoods you’ve never heard of before. Underserved public transport areas include: San Francisco, Orlando, Detroit, St. Louis, Houston, and even areas with some of the largest webs of public transportation like New York City and Philadelphia. They have areas labeled as “transit deserts,” where people have to travel miles for a subway or bus stop. If you’ve grown so used to the inconvenience of your public transportation, maybe it’s time you make your own route with an electric scooter.

College Neighborhoods

You might be looking to purchase an electric scooter to ride around your college campus. More and more college students are moving out of the dorms to off-campus apartments to save money. While that is a financially responsible choice, it also means a longer travel time from your bed to your 8 A.M. class. But if you purchase an Uber Scuuter, you make up the travel time! While your roommates wake up early for their walk to class, you can catch a few more minutes of shut-eye before scooting to campus. With our foldable scooter, your ride is easy to store during lectures. Pretty soon your roommates will want to borrow yours, but tell them to get their own here!



Safety & Features

What neighborhood doesn’t have those uneven roads with cracks and bumps waiting to be fixed? A rough route doesn’t mean you have to trade your electric scooter for a car. The Uber Scuuter has military grade tires that can travel on gravel, grass, cement, or dirt roads.  Whether you live on the mean city streets or in a rural town with some back dirt roads, your scooter tires can handle it. The shock proof suspension also allows for easy switching from sidewalks to the street in your neighborhood without sacrificing a smooth ride.

The dual disk brakes make it easy to stop as fast as you need. Have you ever ridden your bike in the bike lane and all of a sudden you come to a red light? Surrounded by cars, you have a decision to either continue your momentum and possibly break the law by going through the light, or stop and risk flying over the handles into the intersection — neither is a safe or smart idea. The Uber Scuuter solves that problem with its dual disk brakes, allowing for a quick and safe stopping time. Pick that momentum back up with one push and let the motor take over. Be sure to read up on more of our safety tips for the best ride experience!

There are so many reasons to own an electric scooter to ride around your neighborhood. Start an eco-friendly scooter movement, beat your commute, show off your foldable scooter, and have a ride you can count on when you buy your Uber Scuuter today!

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