5 Safety Tips for Electric Scooters

5 Safety Tips for Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are popping up everywhere, for good reason. Not only do they make for a more affordable commute, but they also vastly cut down on your carbon footprint without having to ride share. Additionally, electric scooters are portable and can charge while you’re at work! It’s safe to say that this mode of transportation will only be gaining popularity — so it’s important to establish some basic safety rules in order to have as safe of a ride as possible. Here are five quick tips to help keep you safe.

Wear a helmet (and other protective gear)

State laws vary as to whether helmets are mandatory or not, but helmets can absolutely make a life-or-death difference in the event of a crash — so you should wear one. Your brain is amazing (really, it does SO much for you beyond keeping you alive); definitely protect it with a well-fitting helmet. Closed-toe shoes are also a must. You may additionally want to consider a high-visibility vest or jacket to help other drivers see you. And while you’re at it, think about knee/elbow pads. They’ll help protect your joints and limbs while providing shock absorption in the event of a crash. The more you travel around bigger, more powerful vehicles, the greater the risk — and the more of a barrier you’ll want to put between yourself and the asphalt.

Read the product manual

While it may not be ideal nightstand reading material, the product manual will be your best friend as you get to know your scooter. You should invest in time familiarizing yourself with all of the unique functions and gears, as well as consult the product manual for optimal performance tips. The Uber Scuuter product manual is available for download here.

Know your limits

This means no stunts! The Uber Scuuter is cool and quirky enough on its own — you don’t need to push the limits by trying dangerous tricks or driving erratically. Check the scooter before riding to make sure everything is functioning properly, and don’t try to drive it if something seems off (or the charge is really low). Don’t try to ride in inclement weather, like rain, ice, or snow. Finally, do not exceed the weight limit (it’s 264 lbs on the Uber Scuuter) and only operate the scooter with one person on it at a time.

Only drive when alert and focused

This goes hand in hand with knowing your limits. Not only do you put your safety at risk if you drive while excessively sleepy or under the influence, but you also risk the lives of others. When driving an electric scooter, it’s imperative that you’re able to drive defensively, especially in high-traffic areas.

Do not wear earbuds (or a cell phone) while driving

We know it can be tempting to play your favorite podcast or get hype for the work day with your curated playlist, but it severely impacts your ability to hear crucial traffic cues and surrounding noise — which can lead to an accident. The same is true for using a cell phone. Distracted driving is dangerous driving; keep yourself safe!

These safety tips will help to ensure you have a safe, pleasant experience while reaping all the benefits of your scooter ride. Ready to make the switch to an electric scooter? Shop now!

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