Top Five Reasons You’ll Love Scootering This Summer

Top Five Reasons You’ll Love Scootering This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and boy, what a long winter it was. It feels like it’s been ages since getting to enjoy a nice day outside. This year let’s make the most of the sunshine by checking out those innovative electric scooters. With useful perks, the folding scooters offer a great alternative to spending more time spent inside cars this long-awaited summer. Slather on some sunscreen and spend more time under the sun with these five great reasons you’ll love scootering this summer.

  1. Save Time

Time spent in the car really can add up, especially when it ends up taking forever just to get short distances. Hitting every red light and the ever-so-impossible hunt for a parking spot can make what’s supposed to be an ordinary day into one that starts off frustrating and time- consuming. Working locally can sound like a dream, but when your daily commute is still packed with traffic and it takes a long time to get a short distance, you don’t head into work in the happiest mood. With an electric scooter, all of that can be bypassed! This compact, rechargeable method of transportation takes the hassle out of arriving at your destination, all while making the trek an adventure of its own. The Uber Scuuter can run for 27 miles after a quick 3-5 hour charge and, because the speed caps out at 15mph, a license is not required.

  1. Socialize

Grab your friends and get together, taking your folding scooters to your destination, or make new friends by meeting others that also are riding to work. You can check out more of the benefits of riding an electric scooter to work by clicking here. What a great way to enjoy the time spent outdoors, underneath that warm summer sun and extend the time spent socializing. The world seems to be so go-go-go nowadays, and if we can shift our commutes into a social activity we look forward to, it is only another benefit of switching to scootering. By making the trek to your destination an adventure in itself, you’ll be able to spend more quality time making memories and socializing with peers, rather than just the time spent at lunch.

  1. Let Your Senses Explore

Taking the road less traveled, folding scooters will give you the chance to try new routes and embrace the sights and scents of your surroundings. Walking your city evokes more of your senses than driving; however, it can be a time-consuming task. By scootering around, you’ll get to know your city like the back of your hand and it will be a fresh shake-up to your routine. You’ll smell the flowers as you pass the park or the delicious foods of the food trucks, take in the sights of your surroundings, hear the birds chirping and the sounds of the city. The familiarity you’ll build with your local area will grow far beyond the city you thought you knew from behind your steering wheel.

  1. Get in A Workout

Have you seen the new trend in fitness, especially in boxing, where trainers are lightly punching their trainees in the abs to strengthen the muscles? The muscles contract to absorb the shock and that contraction can help to build muscle fibers. Even though electric scooters are battery operated and you won’t be kicking for each movement like original scooters, your body will still be getting a slight workout in! You’ll increase your balance and strengthen your core all while enjoying some fresh air. Your arms will also be working as you steer and control the scooter on your new adventures.

  1. Economical

Save money on gas, car payments and even parking when you switch to scootering. If you live in an area where the weather is mostly ideal year-round, like Southern California, you could even use a scooter as a primary form of transportation. Forget paying the parking meters, just fold up and bring your scooter with you to your destination. Reduce your carbon footprint and save yourself some money when you switch from a car to an electric scooter. Think of all the other exciting summer activities you can do with your saving. Win-win!

Electric scooters are an innovative form of transportation with many benefits. Click here to learn more.

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