Five Reasons You Need An Electric Scooter

Five Reasons You Need An Electric Scooter

When it comes to making a list of reasons why you need an electric scooter in your life, it’s hard to pick only five. But we like a challenge. From navigating parking struggles and saving money to getting some extra loving from Mother Earth, we’ve compiled our top 5 reasons you need an electric scooter.


Reason number one. Parking. Have you ever driven around a parking lot for what seemed like forever, giving the stare-down to little old ladies hobbling past, just waiting...and waiting some more...for someone to give up their parking spot? It takes forever and unless the parking fairy is looking down upon you, the chance of getting prime real estate is next to none. What about when you think you gave yourself plenty of time to get to work or out to dinner with friends, but traffic got the best of you, making you late. Again. What if I told you that those worries could be a thing of the past? Because with an electric scooter, they can.

Picture yourself riding around downtown without ever having to worry about fighting for a parking spot, navigating stop and go traffic with ease, and breezing past everyone funneling down the entrance to the subway. Feel like pinching yourself? You don’t have to! All of these wishes are a dream come true when you’re the owner of a folding scooter. No more waiting for an empty parking spot! Traffic jams? Zip right on through — you don’t have time for that nonsense! And subway rides? Only if you have an unyielding desire to spend your time wedged between the smell of old Chinese food and whatever germs are being passed around this week will you ever have to bother with that again. 

Ease of Use

Reason number two. They’re easy to use. Not only do you not have to worry about parking or getting stuck in traffic, you don’t have to worry about manually pedaling a bike up a steep hill, using your feet to propel you forward (Fred Flintstone, anyone?), or taking the chance of becoming a viral video thanks to one of those hoverboard contraptions. Electric scooters allow the rider to sit back, relax, and let the quiet motor do the work for you — there’s no need to bring a change of footwear or worry about getting a cramp midway through your commute. Best of all? You can even choose a folding scooter to accommodate a smaller living or office space. The lightweight design and compact size of electric scooters make them easy to carry and store no matter where you are!


Reason number three. Money. Moola. Stacks. Benjamins. Whatever you want to call it, money talks. Luckily for you, an electric scooter will listen. Which is more than your car can do, am I right? Let’s be real for a second. There are few things worse than taking your car in for an oil change only to find that it needs shocks, coolant, brakes, and something called an Ignition Coil Connector — what does that even do, anyway? While you’re busy racking up hundreds even thousands of dollars on car parts you can’t even identify, your friend can replace the brake discs, LCD display panel, AND handle lock set on their Uber Scuuter for under $100. No, really. There are 13 parts listed on the Uber Scuuter parts website. Average price? $53. We tried calculating the average number of car parts…it didn’t go well.

And who wants to get started on the price of gas? No, thank you! Maybe you’re one of the luckier ones living closer to the national average — currently right around $2.26 a gallon for regular. Or maybe you’re not, and your reality is closer to $3.80 a gallon — I’m looking at you, San Fran! The worst thing about gas is that the prices are always fluctuating. Want to know who doesn’t have to worry about gas prices? People who travel by electric scooter. Simply plug it in, charge it up, and for less than $.25 in electricity, you’re on your way to nearly 30 miles of ride time. We didn’t even add in how much you could save on parking tickets, pay by the hour spaces, or getting your car back from the dreaded towing company.

Environmentally Friendly

Reason number four. That great big, full-of-nature world out there — our friend, Mother Earth. As of April 2000, the US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that an average passenger car emits 11,450 pound of carbon dioxide each year. It’s the most significant long-lived greenhouse gas in Earth’s atmosphere, and its concentration in our skies is leading to global warming and ocean acidification — something our little Australian friend Nemo definitely isn’t searching for around his anemone, mate.

The good news? Swapping your car for a foldable scooter— even for trips to and from the grocery store or out to dinner with your coworkers — can help reduce the number of carbon emissions you would otherwise be contributing to the air around you.


Reason number five could easily be our reason number one. And that’s the pure, simple, goofy-grin-on-your-face enjoyment that comes from taking a ride on your very own electric scooter. Where is it going to take you? Where are you going to take it? The beach? The mountains? Out for ice cream or pizza? Maybe you have a favorite city in mind, you just need a way to see the sights. Detroit or Atlanta, anyone? The possibilities are endless.

Maybe your drive isn’t the adventure, your destination is. Riding your electric scooter to and from work could save you monthly car payment, insurance, parking fees, plus the cost of gas. A few months of that and you could be well on your way to your dream vacation.

So, folks. There you have it. Our top 5 reasons that you need an electric scooter. Convinced? Make your move and enjoy everything an electric scooter has to offer with an Uber Scuuter!

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