Scuuting in Atlanta

Scuuting in Atlanta

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and the 39th most populous city in the United States. With millions of people trying to get around the city, it can be difficult to see all the great things that the city has to offer. That’s where Uber Scuuter comes in. The Uber Scuuter is a lightweight folding scooter that makes for an excellent way to slip past traffic and explore the sites and views of this cultural city. 

Where to Visit in Atlanta?

Whether you are out enjoying your weekend or entertaining guests from out of town, there is never a shortage of things to do in Atlanta. Sunshine and the smell of Georgia peaches can’t stop you from zooming across town on your electric scooter to tour the best Atlanta has to offer. Atlanta offers some of the country’s top-rated restaurants, high fashion retailers, and champion sports teams. Read below for some of Atlanta’s most popular attractions to visit.

World of Coca Cola

Coca Cola has been around for over 125 years and is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. Here you can learn the inside scoop of the ‘secret formula' and taste 100+ soda beverages from across the world. Walk through the history of Coca Cola advertising and see how the brand has evolved to what we know it as today. At the end of your tour, you can even take a photo with the Coca Cola Polar bear!

Georgia Aquarium

After your tour of Coca Cola, hop back on your scooter bike and make your way over to the Georgia Aquarium. This magical attraction is the largest aquarium in the United States and is home to underwater animals such as the Whale Shark (the biggest fish in the sea!) and Bottlenose Dolphins. You can also get a full picture of how life is lived under the sea in the main Ocean Voyager exhibit that holds thousands of fish.

The Varsity

No tour of Atlanta is complete without a stop at The Varsity for their famous burgers and fries — as well as their world-class orange soda! This establishment, the largest drive-in restaurant in the world, is over 90 years old and is famous for its greeting of “What’ll ya have… What’ll ya have?" The friendly vibes of southern hospitality truly translate into delicious food. Park your electric scooter in one of the drive-in spots and enjoy a meal from this iconic downtown Atlanta institution.

This is just the beginning when it comes to exploring Atlanta. For more ideas on where to go, read this. And when you decide on transportation, consider that instead of sitting in traffic, or paying for a parking spot in a downtown lot that is a mile from your destination, you could live a greener life while getting the added convenience that a folding scooter offers.  Why waste any more time thinking about it? Start shopping for the best scooter bike on the market today.

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