Top Places in Detroit to See on Your Electric Scooter

Top Places in Detroit to See on Your Electric Scooter

Detroit is known for its cars and its innovation in the automotive space, but the latest innovation to hit the Detroit scene is the electric scooter. This foldable scooter can go 15mph and bypass traffic on the congested streets of Detroit, cutting your commute time in half. Living in a city like Detroit is great, and made even greater by having your scooter handy to make quick trips around the city.

On the weekend, take your electric scooter out for a spin to explore the sites and top attractions at the following locations. Here’s where we’d go on a day-trip in Detroit:

Henry Ford Museum

Visit and learn about this history of cars and marvel the technical innovations with your eyes. It’s hard to imagine how early car owners traveled without some of the basic features we now considered standard in our car, such as seat belts! Exhibits worth seeing are the first Ford card, the car John F. Kennedy was driving in on his assassinated in, and the first steam locomotive created in 1829. Since Uber Scuuter is a foldable scooter, it’s easy to store as your tour the museum.

Motown Museum

Hook up the Bluetooth speakers on the scooter bike and turn on some Motown tunes to get in the mood as you scoot over to the Motown Museum. Walk through history and imagine yourself there recording your own Motown record like one of the greats, Marvin Gaye. The museum is where legends stood and recorded their hits we still listen to today, and it’s also what put Detroit on the music scene as the home of Motown. 

Dime Store

After you have learned about the history of cars and Motown, you need to refuel and grab a bite to eat! Zip over to one of the hottest new places in town to enjoy a late brunch or lunch in downtown Detroit. Dime Store specializes in distinctive scratch-made brunch favorites and a full bar serving Detroit’s local craft beer selections.

Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle Park spreads across 982 acres of land that sits in the Detroit River between the US and Canada. This park is actually larger than Central Park and is home to many small birds and animals. It is easy to spend a whole day at the park and exploring all 982 acres, but even easier to ride your electric scooter through the park to see all its beauty.

Comerica Park

End your evening at Comerica Park, catching a Tigers game (or riding the Ferris wheel inside of the park!) while you charge your electric scooter for your ride home. Bonus: you will be able to avoid any traffic after the game since you are not stuck in the parking lot!

What are you waiting for? Ready to explore Detroit in a whole new way? Hop on an Uber Scutter and zoom off to your next adventure. Shop for a scooter bike now.

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