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Uber Scuuter Throttle / Handle Set - Uber Scuuter

Uber Scuuter Throttle / Handle Set

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Did you hulk out and throttle too hard? Maybe you were just enjoying your Uber Scuuter a little too much and pushed it to its limits. Although the throttle on your electric scooter is designed to turn forty-five degrees, it can break. But, there’s good news: you can fix it.

The replacement throttle is a plug and ride solution. Just remove the old handle set and replace with the new one. You'll be cruising up to 15 miles per hour again in no time!

There are four different speed settings to give you full control.

Now that your throttle works, you can enjoy that full 27-mile range that your battery is capable of. When your battery dies, it's just a three to five hours and your back on the road and cruising.

If a broken throttle has your folding scooter stuck, then replace it with an Uber throttle and handle set. You’ll be up and cruising in no time at all!

Uber Scuuter Throttle / Handle Set has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 3 reviews.