Uber Scuuter Battery

$240 Original Price: You Save: $-240 (-Infinity%) & Free Shipping

Incase 27 miles is not a long enough ride, get an extra battery that can keep your ride lasting even longer.  Or if your battery has depleted and you just need to replace it, the Uber Scuuter Battery is perfect for you. Make sure you choose the right battery for your Uber Scuuter.

Uber Scuuter Requires 36V Battery

Uber Scuuter Plus Requires 48V Battery


- Lithium  
- Battery Capacity: 8.8 AH
- Charge Voltage: 100-240V 50/60 Hz
- 6lb
- White / Black
- 27 mile range on a single battery charge
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    • Weight: 39lbs
    • Max Load Weight: 264lbs
    • Unfold size: 3.9ft x 2ft x 3.2ft
    • Fold size: 4ft x 1.7ft x .88ft
    • Charge Time: 3-5 Hours
    • Includes charge adapter rated at 100-240V 50/60 Hz. Use any standard US power outlet to charge.

    Uber Scuuter Plus New Features:

    • Bigger Motor! Rated Power: 48V 350W *New*
    • A Wider, Memory Foam Seat *New*
    • MPH instead of Kilometers *New*
    • LG Removable Battery *New*


    • 27 MI Range

      The Uber Scuuter supplies enough power to cover a 27 mile range on a single battery charge. No worries, you’ll be able to run your local errands all in one ride!

    • Foldable

      Just fold it up and take it anywhere you want to go. The Uber Scuuter is lightweight and easy to fold to fit in your car, stow indoors or on a transit system.

    • 15MPH Top Speed

      The Uber Scuuter has 4 speed settings with a top speed of 15MPH. Pretty fast and so much fun.

    • Quick Charge

      No longer wait 10+ hours to charge like other scooters. The Uber Scuuter’s Samsung Lithium-Ion battery charges to full capacity in 3 to 5 hours allowing you to quickly be back on the road in no time.

    • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

      Blast the music or answer calls while riding, the waterproof speaker allows you to connect with any Bluetooth device rain or shine.

    • Genuine Leather Cover Seats

      Have a seat, you’ll thank us later. Built with a genuine leather seat creating one of the most comfortable scooter rides out on the market.

    • Keyless Entry

      No keys, push to start!  Equipped with an encrypted keyless entry system. Use the wireless fob to unlock, lock and start the power at the push of a button.

    • LED Headlight

      Switch on the bright LED headlight to allow safer daytime and nighttime riding.

    • Dual Disc Brakes

      With speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, it’s a good idea to have good brakes.  The dual disc brake system can make you stop in time on a dime.

    • LCD Display

      The sleek LCD display screen keeps you informed on speed, battery life, mileage and more.

    • USB 2.0 Port

      Low battery on your mobile device? No problem! The Uber Scuuter is equipped with a USB 2.0 port so you can charge your phone or tablet on the go!

    • Shock Proof Suspension

      Every ride deserves to be a smooth ride.  The shock proof suspension offers an exceptionally smooth ride on the sidewalk or the street.

    • Military Grade Tires

      Gravel, grass, cement or dirt road.  The military tires equipped with the Uber Scuuter will withstand almost any terrain.  Not quicksand…don’t drive on quicksand.

    • German Brushless Electric Motor

      German engineering and brushless technology make for the highest quality motor.  No gas, no fuss and only the best.

    • Power Off Protection

      In case you forget to turn off your Uber Scuuter, we have you covered! The power will automatically shut down if the scooter bike is accidently left on.