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Uber Scuuter Controller - Uber Scuuter

Uber Scuuter Controller

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Is your Uber Scuuter acting "off" or maybe it isn't working at all? What you need is a new controller.

One of the main electrical components of your folding scooter is a controller for the lithium-ion battery. Think of this as the nerve center controlling how your electric scooter uses the power supply from the battery.

You can do the work yourself like everything else on your scooter. Just follow the user manual to know how to remove the old controller and install the new one. With the right equipment, your scooter will cruise at 15 miles per hour. You'll also go the full 27 miles when everything’s working properly.

The controller also makes sure that the electronics work on your scooter. This means your headlight and LCD display screen has the power they need, keeping you safe and informed.

Replace the DC moto controller today and get back on the road again with your Uber Scuuter.