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Uber Scuuter Battery - Uber Scuuter

Uber Scuuter Battery

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We can help you go further with your Uber Scuuter. All you need is a backup battery.

The Uber Scuuter battery lasts for an impressive 27 miles. But if you want to go further on your electric scooter, then you'll need to wait for the battery to charge. Or, you could replace the dead battery with your backup one.

A simple replacement and your foldable scooter is off and rolling again. Another option is that you can have one battery in use and one charging. You’ll never get halted again while you wait for your battery to charge.

The battery has an 8.8 AH capacity with a charge voltage of 100-240V. The total weight of the battery is a light six pounds so you can keep the folding portability that you have with the original battery.

And, as one could expect, this backup battery has the same range as your original: a full 27 miles.

Buy a backup battery today and go further than ever with your Uber Scuuter.

Uber Scuuter Requires 36V Battery

Uber Scuuter Plus Requires 48V Battery


- Lithium  
- Battery Capacity: 8.8 AH
- Charge Voltage: 100-240V 50/60 Hz
- 6lb
- White / Black
- 27 mile range on a single battery charge
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