10 Places to Take Your Electric Scooter

10 Places to Take Your Electric Scooter

Transportation has changed a lot over the past ten years. First, it was ridesharing, then it was docking stations for bikes, and now it’s the electric scooter. Scooters are popping up in major cities all over the world so you might be wondering where exactly you would use an electric scooter. Here are our top 10 places to take your electric scooter.

To Class

Everyone has experienced that moment when you realize you’re going to be late for class. You imagine walking in the door after your professor has already started talking and all eyes turning to you; it’s nerve-wracking to say the least. You’ve probably sprinted across campus, got annoyed at all the slow walkers in front of you, and showed up to class a little sweatier than you would have liked. That’s where an electric scooter comes in handy! You can hop on your electric scooter and zip over to class, arriving early enough to grab your favorite seat. You don’t have to worry about someone trying to steal your scooter while you’re in class, with an Uber Scuuter you can store your folding scooter in the back of the classroom.

To Work

Nothing is worse than arriving at work looking and feeling disheveled. Maybe you got stuck on the train and show up five minutes before that big meeting, or the road you normally take on your way to work was closed, and you got lost following the detour. No matter what, riding your electric scooter keeps you away from the headache of public transportation and allows you to avoid rush hour traffic. Once you get to work, you can bring your folding scooter into the office with you and use it as an interesting talking point the next time your department head swings by your desk.

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is that chore you know you have to do every week, but it’s definitely not your favorite. You know you could be spending that time soaking up the last few hours of your weekend or grabbing a drink with a friend after work. Instead of dragging your feet and dreading heading to the store, speed up the process with your electric scooter! You’ll be able to get there and back as quickly as possible and you’ll enjoy the commute as you zip by traffic on your scooter.

Out to Dinner

Going out to dinner with friends is one of the best ways to unwind from a busy day. Rather than spend the money on gas and parking, why not ride your electric scooter to meet up with your friends? Since you can take your folding scooter in with you, you might beat your friends that are still circling the block looking for parking, so you can order the shared appetizer of your choosing! Plus, with the money you’ll save taking your electric scooter instead of your car, you can splurge on the chocolate lava cake you were eyeing all night.

To Your Doctor’s Appointment

We all know the frustration of trying to schedule a doctor’s appointment, and somehow they only have appointments available for 2 pm on a Tuesday. By taking your electric scooter, you can get there and back as quick as possible without your boss giving you too much side eye for taking time off in the middle of the day. Once you get there, take your folding scooter inside with you to prove to your doctor that you are in fact getting the fresh air they mentioned to you last time and not just binge watching The Office in your apartment.

To Your First Date

Let’s be honest - first dates are awkward. You’re never quite sure what to say and you don’t want to arrive too early, but you also don’t want to show up late. Riding your electric scooter to the first date gives you the perfect excuse to take another spin around the block when you accidentally arrive a half hour early. It’s also a great talking point since you can bring your folding scooter inside with you and discreetly put it in the corner. When they ask what it is you can share all your stories about scooting around town!

On Your Second Date

So the first date went really well because you avoided all the awkward small talk thanks to your folding scooter and you scored that coveted second date. This time you can go scooting around town and begin the first of many adventures together. You’ll probably even have a rom-com style kiss at some point as you show them how to drive their electric scooter. Maybe one day you’ll even be able to see your story shared on a made for TV movie, and all because you were smart enough to ride your folding scooter to the first date!

On Vacation

Nothing beats a nice, lazy beach vacation over the summer. You can really relax because you know the emails aren’t piling up since everyone else is also taking a vacation and you earned this time off. You might spend your morning lazing around the beach and then go into town in the afternoon. What would make that vacation even more perfect? Hopping on your electric scooter and riding into town with the ocean breeze blowing all around you. Taking your scooter means you can pop into the local shops and pick up your newest beach read, grab some fresh corn on the cob to grill for dinner that night, snag a pair of snorkels for tomorrow’s adventure, and carry it all back on your scooter without breaking a sweat.

To a Picnic at the Park

We can’t think of a better way to enjoy a beautiful weekend day than taking your electric scooter to the park for a picnic. Pack up a blanket and your favorite snacks and zip on over to the park on the back of your scooter. Not only will you get to spend time enjoying the sun and fresh air at the park, but you’ll get to enjoy every part of your trip on your way there by taking your folding scooter! Once you’re done eating and lounging around, you can take a leisurely ride through the park enjoying the scenery and some quality people watching. 

To the Gym

Okay, we realize taking your scooter to the gym might be counterintuitive, but hear us out. Sure, there are those people that run to and from the gym but, chances are you’re not that person, and you probably have to force yourself to go to the gym most days. Instead of dreading going to the gym you can look forward to the ride over on your electric scooter. Once you get there, you can put 110% into your workout, because you know your ride home will be a breeze with your scooter. So forget being that super healthy person that works out to get home from their workout, leave everything you have at the gym and rely on your Uber Scooter to get you there and back!

These are just some ways to incorporate an electric scooter into your life, but no matter where you’re taking your scooter, we guarantee it will make your life more enjoyable. Also, have we mentioned that electric scooters are better for the environment and for your community? With all these benefits we can’t believe you’re still reading this blog and not riding around on your new, fancy folding scooter.

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