Top 10 Large Campuses that Love Uber Scuuter

Top 10 Large Campuses that Love Uber Scuuter

In the world of college transportation, there are all sorts of headaches to deal with. From affording a parking permit and then fighting for a good parking spot to waiting on the bus or sprinting from one side of campus to the other in order to get to class on time, it always seems like it’s one thing or another. That is, unless you’re the owner of an electric scooter. Check out these 10 campuses that are great for college scooter life.  

Florida State University

Home of the Seminoles, Tallahassee is also home to a large population of electric scooter enthusiasts. With weather in the Sunshine State near perfect year-round, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to utilize alternative methods of transportation. With permits costing less than $60 and ample parking spaces available across campus, it’s easy to see why FSU is one of the best college scooter campuses.

NC State University

The Wolfpack has spoken, and they’re all in on electric scooters. In Raleigh, the average temperature is 61 degrees Fahrenheit, giving electric scooter riders some amazing weather to ride to class, throughout downtown, or just cruising around campus on the weekends. The University has even worked to do its part in educating riders on the rules and regulations for proper scooter safety — including this Facebook graphic featuring one of its very own mascots taking a ride!

University of Kentucky

When in Lexington, do as the locals do and embrace the college scooter lifestyle. With summer temperatures maxing out at 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the mild climate makes for perfect cruising weather. UK has done more than its fair share to encourage students looking to alternative modes of transportation to and from campus. The University provides dozens of parking lots with scooter-only parking spaces spread conveniently throughout the campus, and the cost of a scooter permit will set you back only $88, rather than the $448 you would pay to pay a vehicle.

University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is situated in the downtown district of Iowa City away from larger highways, making it a perfect place to take full advantage of the convenience of owning an electric scooter. Though the Hawkeyes aren’t much of scooter riders during the winter months — those Midwestern temperatures will really get you! — the remainder of the year offers average temperatures between the high 50s and high 80s, making it perfect cruising weather. UI students also have access to University Scooters, a 100% student employed scooter store that’s not only close to campus, but it always encouraging students to #ScootLocal.

Ohio State University

The Buckeyes are incredibly encouraging of students who wish to use alternative transportation methods, making it a prime destination for electric scooter lovers. The University has miles of paths that weave across campus, highlighting the small town feel of one of the country’s largest universities. Students can ride to and from football games, visit the library, or grab a bite to eat across the river in the University District of Columbus — all while saving their hard-earned money instead of spending it filling up their car’s gas tank every other week.

Georgia State University

Students, faculty, and staff at Georgia State University can take advantage of some of the lowest parking permit prices across the country when registering their electric scooter. At only $18 per semester and with plenty of parking available, GSU is changing the way it offers college transportation. The University is located in downtown Atlanta, which offers students hundreds of dining, art, and entertainment options a mere five-minute scooter ride away. Plus, with temperatures in the comfortable range for roughly 75% of the year, you can’t beat it.

Indiana University

Known simply as Indiana, the iconic university offers students beautiful views as they ride across campus on their electric scooters. From picturesque Kirkwood Avenue towards downtown to practically anywhere you go on the campus’ 2,000 acres, there is no shortage of attractive scenery. Indiana encourages students to take advantage of the warm weather during the spring, summer, and fall months by choosing alternative methods of transportation such as electric scooters to make their treks across campus. With regulations that place electric scooters in the same category as bicycles, students can park their scooters in any one of the university’s hundreds of bike racks – a much closer walk to class than having to find a normal parking place.

Texas A&M

Texas A&M, also known as Aggieland, is a gorgeous place to explore. And what better way to cruise around campus than on an electric scooter. Classified as a motorcycle by the university, students have access to a wide variety of parking locations all over campus, all at a price roughly one-third of the cost that students pay to park a car. Not to mention, the community has embraced the green lifestyle of scooters as well. Students and community members alike can visit Scoots, an Aggie owned and operated business, for all of their electric scooter needs.

University of South Florida

USF is more than just a scooter-friendly campus. With gorgeous views of Tampa Bay, ample parking, and a laid-back lifestyle, Tampa has established itself as the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy their electric scooter full-time. Plus, nothing beats that weather.

Michigan State

With more than 80 parking areas and several scooter stores nearby, Michigan State offers electric scooter riders a great alternative to traditional college transportation. Despite colder temperatures from November through March, students will enjoy much milder temperatures the rest of the year — perfect for riding to and from the various Spartan neighborhoods. Whether you’re living in River Trail or looking to make to move to the apartments near the Breslin Student Events Center, your electric scooter will get you where you need to be. 

With the list of scooter-friendly campuses steadily on the rise, there’s no better time to bring home an electric scooter of your own. Uber Scuuter has manufactured some incredible products that are perfect for college scooter life. Click here to visit their website and learn more.

Although our list highlights our favorite scooter-friendly universities across the country, some schools are still determining how to best adapt their rules to include electric scooters and those wishing to take their modes of college transportation to a new level. Please make sure to check each school’s regulations before arriving. Happy scooting!

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