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Uber Scuuter Tire - Uber Scuuter

Uber Scuuter Tire

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Are your electric scooter’s tires starting to look a bit worn out? If you ride your Uber Scuuter a lot, then your rubber tires will begin to wear out. This is normal, though, so don't worry because you can replace them with these military-grade tires and get back to riding again over almost any terrain.

You can enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride over asphalt, cement, pavement, gravel, or grass. Just don't try to ride on quicksand. Nothing beats quicksand.

These tires become fully inflated at 40 psi, letting you put the max load on your scooter at 264 pounds. The tire size is 12.5 inches by 2.25 inches and also directional. The Scuuter uses an inflatable inner tube featuring a bent valve for easy filling.

Get to cruising on your folding scooter again in no time by replacing your tires with the Uber Scuuter Tire.


- 40 PSI (280 Kpa / 2.8 BAR)

- 12.5" x 2.25" (57 - 203)

- Directional

- Inflatable Inner Tube


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