Why You’ll Love an Electric Scooter

Why You’ll Love an Electric Scooter

The question is really -- why wouldn’t you love an electric, foldable scooter? Quickly becoming a common sight in major cities, scooter owners are on the rise. And why wouldn’t they be? These small, electric vehicles will get you where you need to be without breaking the bank and without hurting the environment, all while looking pretty snazzy too.


Cars, trucks, and SUVs are more expensive than they ever have been. The average cost of a vehicle was up to $37,577 as of December 2018. Over $30,000 for a way to get you from A to B. Sure, some folks need the space for family or work reasons, but for those of us that have a simpler commute? Electric scooters are the way to go. Our Uber Scutter Plus is a fraction of that at barely 3% of the cost of a new car. Talk about affordable. Not only will you have this thing paid off a whole lot faster than an auto loan, you won’t even need an auto loan in order to get one.


Let’s be honest: in the city, parking is a hassle. Not only will you not have to worry about an auto loan, but having a foldable scooter is going to save you on parking as well. No on-street parking for blocks? No big deal. Parking garage full? We got you covered. All you have to do is just fold up your scooter and carry it inside with you! No more meter fees or parking tickets either. The flexibility and convenience of having a foldable scooter will erase those troubles from your life. And being foldable is just the start. Our scooters are also lightweight, meaning you can carry it right inside, or even take it with you on the train.  No need to pay for a rideshare to the train station a few blocks away! Just ride it over and then carry it on with you (more savings!).

Other awesome features of our foldable scooters include:

  • Quick charging with a Samsung Lithium-Ion battery.
  • LED Headlight. This thing is not just for daytime, folks!
  • USB Port. Not only can you charge your scooter, but your scooter can also charge your phone.
  • Bluetooth Speaker. You can still listen to your favorite playlist on your commute.

It’s Green

OK, not literally. But technically, our foldable scooter is green in the Earth Day sense.  With more and more laws out there pertaining to vehicle and carbon emissions, having an electric scooter is getting you ahead of the curve. Without the need for gas, our battery-operated, foldable scooter is so much better for Mother Earth by reducing your carbon footprint.

The fact of the matter is that scooters are fun, reliable, and incredibly convenient. Taking urban transportation by storm, what better way to let the wind blow through your hair as you commute to work or head out for the weekend, than riding on your new scooter?

So, are you ready to take the leap? Visit our page here.

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