Uber Scuuter Plus Is the Best Electric Scooter For All Your Needs!

Uber Scuuter Plus Is the Best Electric Scooter For All Your Needs!

As electric scooters continue to rise in popularity, consumers are met with more options on the market today. While some may already have an idea of features they want in their electric scooter, others of you may be just starting out on this scooter information quest. We’re about to help you decide which features should be on YOUR shopping list and why. We bet you’ll love what the Uber Scuuter Plus has to offer you.

There are currently over 40 cities in the U.S. who offer community scooter services. Scooters have gained popularity for many reasons, including cost-efficiency, added mobility, environmentally friendly benefits, and the peacefulness of avoiding the pitfalls of daily traffic and endless searches for parking spaces. Who can’t relate to some of these? As more cities jump on board with rideshare scooter opportunities, there are still many benefits to being a scooter owner instead of a renter. Imagine the convenience of having your own alternate transportation, ready when you need it. If your city isn’t scooter sharing yet, you’d be ahead of the game. One Uber Scuuter owner shared “I love it and ride it to work daily. And I’m the only one around with one, so it's definitely a conversation starter." If they are already offered where you live, you’d have the luxury of never needing to locate or possibly wait for an available scooter to get you where you need to go. You wouldn’t have the extra costs of renting.  You certainly wouldn't have to hope that the scooter you are about to rely on has been charged up enough to get you to your destination.

With the added benefit of being a folding scooter, you’ll save space with our Uber Scuuter Plus, being able to store it in even the smallest available areas. They are so unbelievably portable; you'll even have options to toss it in the back of your car or just carry it with you to your riding destinations. Don’t believe us? Our scooter is only 39 pounds and folds to an astonishing 3.9 ft x 2 ft x .88 ft. Trust us when we say our electric scooter was designed for comfort, portability, and efficiency, with all the added benefits of fun. Another Scuuter owner recently shared “Open the box, charge, and go. Easy front wheel assembly, comfortable ride, easy to move around town, and lighter than I expected if a staircase gets in the way or putting in the car.” How can you argue with those benefits? Let’s take a closer look at more reasons why Uber Scuuter Plus offers you the best choice on the market.

The Very Best in Features

With a variety of scooter choices for you to choose from, we wanted to offer an efficient, high-quality, loaded-with-possibilities electric scooter that anyone could enjoy. From students to work commuters, our folding scooters have features that appeal to everyone and can help add simplicity and entertainment to your life. We also listened to our riders who had suggestions on how the Uber Scuuter could be even more efficient. When we designed the Uber Scuuter Plus, we made sure to implement many of the ideas and suggestions we heard so that we could offer a scooter that would exceed all expectations.  

The very first feature on everyone’s mind is typically speed, right? So let’s jump into what you really want to know. The Uber Scuuter Plus provides you with four-speed settings and reaches a top speed of 15mph. Our folding scooter boasts a brushless technology German engineered motor that is built for power and longevity. With our riders’ safety and experience as our top priorities, we made sure some of our safety features included a reliable dual disc brake system and exceptional military grade tires. These top-quality tires allow you to ride effortlessly without issue over dirt, cement, grass, or gravel. We’ve also added an LED headlight to increase the safety of your day and nighttime rides.  A smooth ride can always be expected whether you're on the street or sidewalk with our shockproof suspension. For added luxury, our electric scooter comes standard with a plush genuine leather seat. No matter how long or how far you have to ride, you’ll be riding in comfort and style!

Our Favorite Fun Features

Our scooter wouldn’t be the best without adding some fun features for our riders. Who doesn’t love music? The Uber Scuuter Plus is equipped with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you’ll have access to your favorite music or audio books in any weather. Take calls without any trouble while you’re riding too. We’ve also added a reliable USB 2.0 port so your mobile devices will never be without power. You’ll start to wonder why cars are even an option with all this convenience! To add even more appeal to our scooter features, we’ve installed a push-to-start keyless entry system. Your electric scooter will lock, unlock, and start up with ease with your wireless key fob. And just in case you have a lot on your mind and forget to power off your scooter now and then, we’ve installed an automatic shut-off feature to be your backup. We tried to tell you we thought of everything!

More Features to Brag About

When we set out to design the very best folding scooter possible, we wanted our scooter owners to have it all. An easy to read digital display screen provides you with the current temperature, cell phone charging notification icon, headlight notification icon, and cruise control. You’ll be able to track your single and total trip mileage data while easily monitoring your battery level all in one centralized location. We’ve even put in a low voltage reminder just in case you aren’t keeping an eye on it.

From handlebars to pedals, our folding scooter closes up to a brilliantly compact form. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget additional details like mudguards and a trustworthy kickstand.

Battery Life

So how does our battery hold up and how far will you really get? We’re glad you asked! You’ll be able to ride for up to 27 miles with one full battery charge. We told you we wanted you to have it all! While the overall battery life will depend on various factors, an average battery should last you from 1-3 years. Pretty impressive when you compare it to a powerful car battery with an average life of 2-5 years. You’ll also appreciate the ability to gain a full charge within a quick 3-5 hours with the Samsung Lithium-Ion battery. You won't need to wait for 10 – 12 hours for a full charge with the Uber Scuuter Plus.  



The Best Portable, Folding Scooter

That’s right! The Uber Scuuter Plus’ folding feature is one of the main reasons it’s the best electric scooter you’ll find. We’ve designed it with all your needs in mind, which includes foldable handles and pedals for a more compact option. Lightweight and perfectly portable, our folding scooter offers you the ability to take it anywhere you need or desire. It was designed to fit comfortably and inconspicuously in the smallest of spaces, offering you plenty of versatility.

We’ve had many owners comment on how amazed they are at the tiny spaces they have been able to fit their scooters in. From limited trunk spaces to slim storage areas in offices and apartments, we often hear similar shocked but grateful stories of where they’ve been able to store their Scuuter. If storage space is at all a concern, you’re sure to fall in love with this fantastic folding scooter design.

The Best Option for Apartment Living or Small Homes

When we say the Uber Scuuter Plus offers the amazing convenience of taking up minimal space, we genuinely mean ANYWHERE. Having a folding scooter is a dream if you’re living in a dorm, cramped apartment, small home, or just don’t feel you could possibly have any extra space for another item. We understand that close quarters with roommates or big city life with limited studio apartment space all have their challenges. With the many folding pieces of our Uber Scuuter Plus, you’ll hardly know it’s around when it’s being stored. You’ll get the benefits of owning your own alternative transportation with the bonus of its folding and storing capabilities. How can you say no to that?

Work Commute Options for Everyone

If you commute to work, yet still need or want the benefits an electric scooter provides, the Uber Scuuter Plus’ folding scooter feature will be your favorite part. Store it easily in your car, or if you commute by bus or subway, our scooter is lightweight and compact enough to travel with you without any fuss. Once you’ve reached that last mile, your Uber Scuuter Plus takes care of you the rest of the way. Our design will allow you to tuck it away when you get to work without taking up much space at all. Think of the feeling you’ll have, knowing you can forget about fighting traffic and searching for parking spaces by relying entirely on your car. Recently, a commuter shared “Everyone asks me about my Scuuter…I get stopped several times a day; even cops wanted one….here in NYC this is a great option to move around the city with all the congestion. I fold it up and come into my office daily, run errands, and my wife uses it. I searched the internet, and by far this is the best one.”

College Campuses Welcome Electric Scooters

Our folding scooter is the perfect way to get around your college campus. It’s convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly! With its 15mph top speed, you won’t be late to another class or study group again. Although you will need to verify your college’s rules and regulations regarding electric scooters, you’ll find that many welcome them with open arms and offer many accommodations. In fact, Florida State University encourages faculty, staff, and students to use alternative transportation when possible. They keep their parking permit costs low for scooters and provide plenty of parking spaces around campus for those choosing to utilize electric scooters. At the University of Kentucky, you’ll find designated “electric scooter only” parking spots all around campus with a heavily discounted parking permit fee. The students at these scooter-friendly campuses enjoy the ease and flexibility an electric scooter provides. Helping out our environment is a big plus too! Here’s a great idea….have a child or someone special heading off to college soon? This would make a fabulous graduation gift! No worries about extra car expenses. It’s a pretty fantastic transportation alternative, don’t you agree?

The Best Scooter Choice

So what other factors make Uber Scuuter Plus the best choice? Regardless if you’re a commuter, student, or just a scooter enthusiast, you’ll have the luxury of easily using your Uber Scuuter Plus just about anywhere you need or want to go. Folding your electric scooter offers you the portability you just won't find in other alternative transportation options, such as a bicycle. If by chance you can’t find a parking spot for your scooter at one of your destinations, fold it up and park it in between scooters, carry it with you, or you may be able to take your folding scooter inside to store in a small space if permitted. The possibilities are amazing and add to the long list of features that makes Uber Scuuter Plus the superior choice when shopping for your electric scooter.

It’s hard to deny the Uber Scuuter Plus offers everything you need and more in an electric scooter. From an impressive list of features to its portability, the Uber Scuuter Plus is perfect for everyone. With stylish form and practical function, this folding scooter will make life for students, commuters, adventurers, and everyone in between, much simpler. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Uber Scuuter and choose your Scuuter in white or black, then get ready to be amazed! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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