The Scooter Lineup: Types of Scooters, Compared

The Scooter Lineup: Types of Scooters, Compared

At one time, choosing a scooter was relatively easy. You had one of three choices: a push scooter, a gas scooter, or an electric scooter. You chose based on your needs and your finances, and that was that.

With the growing popularity of scooters today, however, there are endless options to choose from. The variety of scooters is great because it means you’re more apt to find the perfect ride for your commute, no matter if you’re a city dweller or suburb resident. Our lives have taken on many more facets than ever before, so matching the right scooter to your exact lifestyle could present a challenge. Where do you even get started?

The answer is right here! We’ll give you a general breakdown of all the options so you can make a strong start on your journey to scooter ownership.

Kick Scooter

We’ll start with the easiest of options, which is the kick scooter. These are affordable and fun, but they aren’t street legal, which is something to consider if you want to use a scooter to commute.


The features on a kick scooter are pretty standard. You will be standing, and wheels are pretty basic. They won’t come with a ton of safety gear like an electric scooter or moped, so you’ll want to improvise. You’ll go as fast as you can kick.


As many miles as your kicking foot will allow!


The standard scooter ranges from around $75 to a couple hundred dollars at the most.

Electric Scooter

This is the broadest and the most popular of categories. The electric scooter has evolved and changed over the years to fit the needs of an increasingly complicated world. There is no single “best electric scooter.” It really is subjective, depending on your wants and needs. We’ll break down some of the general features and information here:


With an endless supply of electric scooters to choose from, the feature list is endless as well. First and foremost, you need to decide if you want to sit or stand while scooting. You can choose either in this category. The Glion Dolly, for instance, is a foldable, portable stand-up scooter. Although it’s motor only puts out 250 watts, it does have a 15-mile range and charges rather quickly. This is a great scooter for sightseeing and getting around the city, but it might not be the best option for a daily commute as it is a bit slow.

If you’d rather have a scooter on which you can sit, again, the options are endless. The GigaByke Groove has a great list of options, from a powerful 750-watt motor that allows for a 35 mile-trip on a single charge. As for speed, the GigaByke Groove tops out at 20 mph. This particular sitting scooter has a host of fun features that make it a great choice for city commuters. The LED headlight and turn signals promote safety and the electric speedometer is a nice touch. This scooter isn’t foldable at all though, so it might not be the best electric scooter option for portability.

Electric scooters come with an array of options. Some have speakers, while others come with baskets. Some have ergonomic seats, while others are standing only. Some come with charging ports and electric speedometers, and others have all-terrain tires. Your best bet is to make a list of the features that are most important to you, as well as a list of features you’d like to have, and see if you can find a scooter that has the best of all of them.


How far an electric scooter can go on a single charge is an important factor to consider, especially if you are choosing a scooter for daily commute use. Once again, the options vary widely. An electric scooter, depending on the one you choose, can go anywhere from 10 miles to 35 miles. Consider the average amount of miles you’ll need to travel on a single charge when determining which is the best electric scooter for you.

Price Point

How much money you shell out on a scooter is just as important as the features the scooter has. Sometimes, the best electric scooter for you isn’t the cheapest, let alone the most expensive. Depending on your needs, plan to spend anywhere from $400 to $5000.

Uber Scuuter

The Uber Scuuter is different from other electric scooters thanks to its foldability, which makes it uber portable. This foldable electric scooter boasts a variety of options meant for the city dweller. It is a great scooter for bridging the gap between were public transit ends and your final destination, and it is an affordable option.


One of the most defining features of the Uber Scuuter is its fast charging capability. A full charge is possible in just 3-5 hours, which means the scooter can be charged and ready to go well before you leave the office for the day. It is also lightweight and foldable, which makes it a perfect option for portability.

As far as safety is concerned, the Uber Scuuter has an LED headlight, dual disc brakes, and military grade tires. Power Off Protection ensures your scooter is turned off when you’re not using it, even if you forget to turn it off yourself. Shockproof suspension ensures a smooth ride while it’s German Brushless Motor is top quality, promoting longevity and minimal hassle when it comes to repairs.

Riding a scooter should be fun, too. The Uber Scuuter includes a waterproof bluetooth speaker for your listening pleasure, a charging port, and an easy-to-read LCD display. Keyless entry makes it one of the best electric scooters when it comes to technological advancements as well.


With a 27-mile range on a single charge, the Uber Scooter is definitely a good option if you need to be able to travel a fairly long distance on your commute.

Price Point

Affordability is one of the features that make the Uber Scuuter such a great option. The Uber Scuuter Plus comes in at just under $1200.


Before the scooter gained popularity as an essential commuting vehicle, the moped reigned. Moped riders have an abundance of options depending upon their needs. Notable brands from Honda to Suzuki make mopeds, which means name recognition definitely plays a part in their success as a commuting vehicle. Here are some of the features:


When determining which features you want for your moped, you’ll first need to decide on the size. Mopeds are categorized by engine size. Your available options for a moped are 50cc, 150cc, and 250cc. The engine size determines many things like top speed and range.

If speed is your thing, the moped might be a good fit for you. Where most electric scooters tend to stay in the 10-20 mph-range, a moped can top out at around 40 mph. That will definitely get you where you’re going in a hurry. Mopeds aren’t nearly as portable as scooters, but they might not have to be. A moped is typically gas powered, so it isn’t intended to be portable. However, it might have a longer mileage range than that of its electric counterparts.

As for safety features, mopeds come with a variety depending on the one you choose as well. Digital odometers, all-terrain tires, comfortable seats, and music listening options are all available. Since mopeds are made for the street, they have headlights and taillights as well.

The maintenance on a moped will be much like the maintenance on a motorcycle. A moped is typically much more involved than an electric scooter because it is built more like a traditional vehicle, which means upkeep needs to be consistent. You’ll want to maintain the cleanliness of your moped, change out the air filter regularly, and check the fluids on a regular basis. Being built like a traditional vehicle means mopeds take gas as well, which adds onto the cost. If you’re conscious of your carbon footprint, this is also something to consider.


Once again, mileage is dependent upon the model you choose, but a moped is a popular choice because as a general rule, anywhere from 75-100 miles can be traveled on a single tank of gas.

Price Point

The price range is vast as well. Depending on the features and the size of the motor, you’ll be looking at mid $500s up through a few thousand dollars.

Making Your Decision

With so many options, making a decision can be difficult! We encourage you to do your own research to determine which options best suit your needs. Some of the decision making will be easy, as most people have a set budget and also know whether or not they want a gas or electric vehicle. If you can determine these two factors from the start, you’ve already narrowed your options down considerably.

You’ll also want to check in on your city’s scooter and moped laws, which could help you in deciding on what to choose as well. You can check into laws regarding scooters and mopeds by searching on your local DMV website.

If you’ve decided that the Uber Scutter might be the best electric scooter option for you, be sure to visit our website today!

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