Top places to ride an Electric Scooter in Phoenix

Top places to ride an Electric Scooter in Phoenix

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona and the 5th most populous city in the country, is known as the Valley of the Sun for a reason. The warm, sunny climate — you’ll learn to embrace the words “dry heat” — provides locals and visitors alike with perfect weather for exploring the many attractions that Phoenix has to offer. And what better way to check out the area than on an electric scooter?

Papago Park

A short ride from downtown sits Papago Park, open from sunrise to sunset and filled with outdoor recreational adventures. Visitors can hike through the red butte formations, visit the Hole-in-the-Rock, go fishing, or enjoy a round of golf at Papago Golf Course.

Desert Botanical Garden

While you’re in the park, point your electric scooter in the direction of the Desert Botanical Garden. The Garden’s 140 acres are home to over 50,000 plants belonging to roughly 4,379 species, including 379 listed as rare and endangered. Check out its website for a list of events, or simply take a self-guided tour through the natural beauty the landscape has to offer.

Phoenix Zoo

In addition to the Garden, Papago Park is home to one of the nation’s largest non-profit zoos. Phoenix Zoo is committed to conservation and education and offers visitors an incredible adventure as they gaze upon animals from around the globe. Want an even more amazing experience? Check out the Zoo’s encounters — because who doesn’t want to hand-feed a giraffe?!

Musical Instrument Museum

While Phoenix is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the southwest, there are also incredible indoor attractions to visit as well, including the Musical Instrument Museum(MIM). MIM offers visitors a look at more than 6,800 instruments sourced from countries and territories from all over the world. The exhibits are brought to life by audio and video technology that allows guests to see and hear the sounds behind the instruments, as well as an Experience Gallery where visitors are invited to put their own talents to the test.

Phoenix Art Museum

When you’re done at MIM, grab your folding scooter and head on over to the Phoenix Art Museum. The museum is the largest art museum in the Southwestern United States and has been serving the Phoenix area for more than 60 years. In addition to rotating exhibits, the Museum boasts an impressive permanent collection of more than 19,000 works of art, including photography, contemporary and modern art, and even fashion design.

Street Art

In the last 10 years, Phoenix has seen an explosion in street art. Although taking an electric scooter ride down Roosevelt Street will give you a good glimpse into the mural scene, there are literally dozens more to explore throughout the city — so hop on your folding scooter and go exploring!

Phoenix is an incredible destination, and one perfect for exploring. Whether you’re fascinated by the natural landscapes or would prefer to spend your day exploring art and culture, an electric scooter will make your sightseeing even more of an adventure. Click here to learn more about just how easy Uber Scuuters can make your trip around the Valley of the Sun.

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