Scuuter Life: The Bronx

Scuuter Life: The Bronx

The Bronx is recognized as the birthplace of hip hop and rap. As the northernmost New York borough, it’s known as a tough neighborhood, full of generations of locals. As one of the bustling boroughs that make up New York, why shouldn’t locals of the Bronx have transportation they can rely on – especially that looks as tough as they are? Cue the Uber Scuuter.

Springtime in the City

Spring is the time to scoot! Whether you’re headed to The Bronx Zoo to hang out with some gorillas, or meeting up with your friends for a game at Yankee Stadium, your Uber Scuuter electric scooter will get you there. The Bronx is also home to the New York Botanical Gardens, which has cherry blossoms you have to see this time of year. Afterward, head over to Arthur Avenue for a bite to eat. This folding scooter is perfect to scoot on over and still maneuver through the retail market.

On the Daily

Did you know the Bronx is one of the most underserved boroughs in New York in terms of public transit? Almost 30% of households in the Bronx are affected. For some, the closest subway stop could be a 25-minute trek. Thousands of people in the Bronx rely on public transportation to commute to work, and one of the best ways to beat inadequate public transit is with an electric scooter. Whether it’s from your front door to your workplace, or just to get from borough to borough, you can own a reliable mode of transportation. Plus, once you arrive at work, our folding scooters make it easy to store your ride until it’s time to clock out! On that easy commute home, your electric scooter’s USB charging port will come in handy, so you’ll have enough battery life on your phone to text your friends back that yes, you absolutely will meet them at Antonio's Trattoria for dinner (but not while driving, of course!).

No Matter Where I Go, I Know Where I Came from (From The Bronx!)

There are a lot of iconic people that came out of the Bronx: it’s the hometown of Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Billy Joel, and Kerry Washington. It’s safe to say the Bronx cultivates some gritty people! But one local in particular you might not suspect: Edgar Allan Poe. Poe’s cottage, the place he resided for the last few years of his life, is in the Bronx and is available to tour. After diving into Poe’s life, you’ll be itching for more literature lessons, so head over to the 85-acre-campus of Fordham University.  Do you know how many people think Fordham’s main campus is in Manhattan!? It’s in the Bronx! There are 11 universities in the Bronx, so if you’re hitting the books, let your shiny new folding scooter take you to class! It can carry over 250 pounds, so those heavy textbooks won’t be a problem.

An Uber Scuuter is the perfect transportation for someone on-the-go exploring the Bronx. Start shopping for your scooter now.

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