Scooting Through the Seaport City of Seattle

Scooting Through the Seaport City of Seattle

The seaport city of Seattle is surrounded by water, mountains, and tall, lush green trees. This eclectic city is where the urban scene meets the beauty of the surrounding nature that Seattle is famous for. This destination has so much to offer and a weekend in Seattle will create some incredible memories. As the popularity of electric scooters has increased, so has the option of fitting, even more, stops in when traveling. Whether you own or rideshare, read below to find some top Seattle to-dos while you ride through the city on your folding scooter.

A trip to Seattle Center leads to options for multiple fun activities. Stop by the Space Needle, where after a brief 43-second elevator ride to the top, you will truly be able to embrace the beauty of nature that Seattle encompasses. From high above the city, you will encounter views featuring Mount Rainier, Elliot Bay, and the Cascade Mountains. Next door to the Space Needle, check out the colorful Chihuly Glass Garden, a permanent and awe-inspiring exhibit of glass creations by artist Dale Chihuly.

The Museum of Pop Culture is also located in Seattle Center and was designed by Frank Gehry, who notoriously also designed the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Walk Disney Concert Hall. Inside this museum visitors are treated to dozens of exhibits that are dedicated to contemporary popular culture.

Hop on folding scooters with the family and head over to the Pacific Science Center, where kids and adults alike will be amazed by the varying exhibits. The Science Center has themes as small as butterflies — a room full of them in fact — all the way to those as large as presentations on the universe in their Planetarium.

Just off of Pier 57 is another great spot for a family adventure: the Seattle Aquarium. Here you can treat the family to views of fish and mammals alike. This aquarium is recognized as one of the most visited in the United States, focusing on conservation, education, and research programs. It’s a definite must-see to check off any family’s bucket list when visiting Seattle.

Escape the fight for parking at Pike Place Market when you ride in on your folding scooters. For the coffee fanatics, a visit to Pike Place Market will mean a trip to the very first Starbucks location, originally opened in 1971. There’s the notoriously gross gum wall, an iconic Seattle photo spot. The famous fish throwers are a sight to be seen! The tradition stands where the fishmongers toss the fish overhead to their customers- watch out for the fake fish they sometimes throw to spook the crowds and keep you on your toes!

The astonishing glass architecture that is the Seattle Central Public Library is unlike any other library. The beauty that is this modern library is a can’t miss, even just to scoot past, as it truly stands out as a one-of-a-kind creative expression and architectural beauty.

Seattle is a destination unlike any other and has so much to offer for the young and old alike. Grab that folding scooter, head out to explore the city, and create new memories with those you love the most!

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