Top 5 Reasons Scooters are Great for City Life

Top 5 Reasons Scooters are Great for City Life

Whimsical, fun, and bold, electric scooters offer a new and unique way of transportation that also comes with some real, tangible benefits. This is especially true for city dwellers, who are notorious for having transportation issues (traffic, commutes, parking, oy!). Here is exactly why a foldable electric scooter like the Uber Scuuter is so perfect for city living:

1. Convenience

Trying to find a parking spot in a major city can be a major headache (and a huge source of anxiety!). Imagine transportation that can be parked anywhere, that can drive around stopped traffic, and that can fold up for easy storage — that’s the ultimate convenience in transportation, and it’s also the Uber Scuuter in a nutshell.

2. Portability

One of the favorite features of our foldable electric scooter is its sleek design that makes for awesome portability. The foldable feature makes the Uber Scuuter truly stand apart from competitors as it’s one of the first electric scooters that folds on the market! This means it’s ultra-portable and can easily be stored in the office, on a train, or in a car. You can cover more ground in any given city with the help of an Uber Scuuter. There’s more time for enjoying the city and less time tied up in transportation. Winning!

 3. Cost-Effectiveness

 Say goodbye to taxi costs, bus fees, and holiday ridesharing surge pricing. Yes, you’ll have more of an upfront cost* when you buy an Uber Scuuter than say the cost of a bus ticket, but after the initial purchase, you’ll end up saving money! Consider the cost of an electric scooter with the cost of a car. Not only is a car up to 1500% more expensive upfront, but you also have to continuously invest in it by purchasing gas, insurance, oil changes, etc.

*If you’re worried about the initial purchase of an Uber Scuuter, financing is available.

 4. Positive Environmental Impact

One of the major problems plaguing cities is air pollution. This isn’t just a US problem — it’s a worldwide problem. In fact, 1 in 8 deaths globally can be attributed to air pollution. Opting for an electric vehicle like our foldable electric scooter helps significantly in reducing not just your carbon footprint, but also the air pollution caused by gas-powered vehicles. According to the US Department of Energy,  almost 60 percent of vehicle trips in 2017 was less than 6 miles. Scooters are the perfect solution for these short trips that are too far to walk. When you think about the impact of adding together all of those short trips in gas-powered vehicles being replaced by scooters, we could really be on to a great solution for improved air quality.

5. Traffic Avoidance

Traffic is a  major bummer and one of the main deterrents to city life.  For example, consider these facts (from CBS News): “Workers spend an average of 53.68 minutes commuting in L.A. each day – approximately four minutes higher than the national average of 49.1 minutes.” Not only are these long commutes not great for the environment as mentioned above, but they’re also stressful. With a foldable electric scooter, you can cut down on the commute, avoid traffic, and enjoy more time for yourself.

With all of these great benefits, it should be easy to make the switch to an electric scooter. Ready to level up your transportation? Shop now!


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