Top 5 Places to Ride Uber Scuuter in Miami

Top 5 Places to Ride Uber Scuuter in Miami

Bienvenidos a Miami! We think the best way to see a new city is by electric scooter, and once you hear all the places on our top five list for Miami, we know you’ll agree.  Grab your city scooter and hit the road to exploration!

Bayside Marketplace

An ultimate place to shop, dine, and people watch, Bayside Marketplace is a traveler’s dream come true! It's a one-stop shop to grab all sorts of Miami souvenirs, and with more than 120 shops and eateries, there's something for everyone in your party. Plus, the Marketplace also features live music from local bands every afternoon and evening.

One thing you’ll commonly hear about Bayside Marketplace is that parking is hard to find —   but that’s no issue with your electric scooter! The Uber Scuuter’s portable design makes it easy to carry it with you while you’re shopping or dining.

Marlins Park

Traveling with sports fans? You must catch a game at Marlins Park, one of the most expensive and newest ballparks in the U.S. It may seem like an average baseball stadium to some, but look beyond the hot dog carts and official gift shop. Marlins Park features a retractable roof with air conditioning to fend off the summer humidity, plus it houses a 700-piece bobblehead museum and two 450-gallon saltwater fish aquariums that line the walls behind home plate! The park is located two miles from downtown Miami, so an electric scooter can get you there in about 10 minutes.

Little Havana

Located only 4 miles from downtown Miami, Little Havana is a vibrant capital for Cuban-American culture. Head to Calle Ocho to be in the midst of all the best activity, from sipping coffee at a sidewalk cafe to cigar factory visits to unbelievably fresh dining experiences.

Venetian Pool

One of the coolest places to cool down in Miami is the Venetian Pool, located about seven miles from downtown. Grab your electric scooter and head south-west to this Italian treasure.

Venetian Pool, opened in 1924 as "Venetian Casino”, is a registered U.S. Historic Place and is the largest freshwater pool in the United States. It was created on four acres of an old, abandoned rock quarry and is replenished with fresh water daily from various artesian wells. Adults can enjoy the large pool that spans from four feet to over eight feet deep near the grand waterfall, and also features a two-foot kids’ pool for the little ones. Feeling like you need a bit of a breather? A natural water-filled hidden grotto is located across the pool from the island.

Miami Beach

No list about the top things to do in Miami would be complete without a mention of the world-famous Miami Beach. Located 5-miles from downtown Miami, South Beach is the region's unrivaled crown jewel because there’s something for everyone! White sandy beaches fill the shorelines while luxurious spas, world-class restaurants, and prime shopping fill the streets. Night owl? You’ll enjoy dancing the night away in the eclectic dance clubs and bars.

And the easiest way to get around from place to place? Your city scooter. If you’re staying in downtown Miami, a fully charged Uber Scuuter can get you to South Beach and back, plus about 17 miles worth of exploring!

Ready to explore Miami by your own electric scooter? Learn more about the Uber Scuuter today.

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