Top 5 Places to Ride Electric Scooter in San Diego

Top 5 Places to Ride Electric Scooter in San Diego

San Diego, know as the ‘birthplace of California’, sits along the southern coast of California and right along the border of Mexico. San Diego is rich in history, blessed with a mild year-round climate, and offers breathtaking beaches. In this blog, we’re sharing five great places in San Diego to explore while taking in the views on your folding scooter.

Balboa Park

Originally called ‘City Park’, Balboa Park was home to the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. This exposition celebrated the opening of the Panama Canal and was meant to showcase San Diego as the first U.S port of call for ships that passed through the canal. Since then Balboa Park has received dignified honors of becoming a National Historic Landmark in 1977.

Today, this 1,200 acres park is a must-see for any family. This park is home to over 16 museums, blossoming gardens, and even the San Diego Zoo. One must see here is the Japanese Friendship Garden. As you walk (or scooter) through this garden, you are transported to feel that you are walking through San Diego’s sister city, Yokahoma, Japan. This garden connects the relationship between humans and nature, showcasing Japanese simplicity and serenity through floral design.  

To help see more of the sites and plan your visit, review this map to plan out the best pathway for your electric scooter ride through Balboa Park.

San Diego Zoo

Thought the San Diego Zoo is part of Balboa Park, it does need to be called out on its own as a must-see. After hearing a lion roar at the 1915 Panama-California Exposition, Dr. Harry M. Wegeforth founded this zoo, which was one of the first to build cageless exhibits.  Today the San Diego Zoo is home to more than 650 species and is one of four zoos in the United States to have Giant Pandas.

To extend your visit to the zoo, hop back on your electric scooter and head over to their sister park, Safari Park. This park is a spacious area for the animals to roam;  it also brings guests close to the animal and teaches them about the species conservation.  


Embarcadero, Spanish for ‘landing place’, sits along San Diego’s cruise harbor and is a great destination to take your electric scooter on a joy ride. Cruise along the coast and “people watch” before hopping aboard the USS Midway for a tour. This former aircraft carrier of the United States Navy, one of the world’s largest ships, was in operation for over 47 years, seeing some major battles of the Vietnam War and Persian Gulf Wars.

San Diego Old Town

Home to the site of the first European settlement in California, Old Town is created to look like the historic adobe buildings from the 1820-1870s. Scoot back in time to visit the history of San Diego in this vibrant area of town that is known for authentic Mexican cuisine and live mariachi performances. A word of caution, though — while exploring Old Town, be mindful of the dearly departed guests, as many have experienced ghost sightings on San Diego Avenue!

Coronado Beach

While on your trip to San Diego, make sure to stop along one of their beautiful beaches. Kick back and relax along the water and catch some sun. Known for its mild climate, San Diego is the perfect place to set up your umbrella and enjoy a picnic on the beachfront sand. Lifeguards are on duty at the beach, so you can feel safe as your children play in the Pacific Ocean. Ocean Boulevard is right behind the beach, so after a day of fun in the sun, hop on your folding scooter and ride off into the California sunset.

San Diego is full of activities for the whole family, and the list continues well past our top five places to see. No matter how you fill your weekend or trip to the West Coast, having a folding scooter with you will only add excitement to the perfect trip. Click here to see how to explore San Diego in the best way possible — on an Uber Scuuter!

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