Pittsburgh: ‘Scuuting’ Around the ‘Burgh

Pittsburgh: ‘Scuuting’ Around the ‘Burgh

Pittsburgh has got to be one of the best cities out there to experience on an electric scooter.  A beautiful city surrounded by three rivers and more bridges than Venice, Italy (443 bridges!), the ‘Burgh is home to amazing restaurants, fantastic sports arenas, unique neighborhoods, and some of the most wonderful museums in the country.

Known for its steel mining history, this once sooty town has been climbing to destination status quite nicely over the last few years. Below we list some of our favorite Pittsburgh hot spots to hit while taking in the city on your folding scooter.

The Strip District

If you ask anyone where you should go on a visit to Yinzer City, they will all tell you to hit up The Strip District. Affectionately called “The Strip”, this area is an absolute favorite to locals and visitors alike. Located in an old industrial neighborhood between 11th and 33rd street, this place used to be home to mostly mills and foundries. Over time, local produce vendors set up shop, followed pretty quickly by other wholesalers and grocers. What we have now is an exceptionally diverse and international hub of deliciousness.

First order of business would be breakfast at Pamela’s. Or Deluca’s to be honest. Or Kelly O ’s for that matter (once featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!). Actually, maybe you should take your folding scooter on a breakfast tour, because not one of these is a bad choice. But don’t fill up too much! Enrico Biscotti has biscotti that is out of this world. You could even take a class on bread baking in the wee hours of the morning. Then there’s Mancini’s —  Pittsburgh’s favored bread maker. This amazing list for foodies (and carb lovers) goes on and on.

You could spend an entire day in this area alone, checking out all the international grocers, grabbing multiple coffees from the different shops, and enjoying a day of pure gluttony. Just don’t forget to grab some Steelers gear from one of the vendors before you go! It’s a must.


This gem is only about three miles away from The Strip — a PERFECT trip for that folding scooter. Lawrenceville is actually one of the largest neighborhood areas of Pittsburgh and is chock full of things to do. One of our favorite things about this area is the array of insanely unique boutiques and art galleries. With a mix of old steel town charm and modern eccentricities, this area has something for absolutely everyone.

After checking out some of the unique storefronts on Butler Street, you can take your folding scooter and go grab a flick at Row House Cinema, an awesome one-screen theater that picks its movies based on the theme of the week. There’s even a place you can play pinball all day if you choose! Kickback Cafe boasts more than 20 pinball machines that you can play while sipping your espresso. Speaking of espresso, The Abbey is a neat little coffee house/restaurant that used to be a mortuary. Believe it or not, it’s a warm, inviting place to grab a unique coffee beverage and play a game of Scrabble.


This awesome area located south of the Monongahela River has been called Pittsburgh’s Bourbon Street. While yes, it’s home to many facilities where you can grab an adult beverage or two, it’s also an amazing place to be when you have a folding scooter at your disposal.

Watering holes aside, if you’re ready to eat again after breakfast, the Burgh’s Southside boasts more amazing restaurants along East Carson Street. Piper’s Pub is a local favorite. A family-owned, Scottish style pub, this place offers “a taste of the British Isles”. After that, you can grab a sweet treat at The Milkshake Factory before some more shopping. You can find quite a few shops on East Carson, including Dave’s Music Mine and a personal favorite, Wild Card. This adorable card and stationery shop is also a great place for unique Pittsburgh gifts. Actually, so is love, Pittsburgh, a great place to get local shirts, bags, candles, you name it.

Pittsburgh is an amazing city to explore. Whether you are a Yinzer born and bred or a Yinzer for the weekend, having a folding scooter is the perfect way to get around “dahntahn”. There are endless possibilities and opportunities far too delicious to list in full here. To check out how you can explore the ‘Burgh in the coolest way possible, visit our site here.

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