Laid-Back Los Angeles: Scooter City

Laid-Back Los Angeles: Scooter City

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is the second largest city in population in the United States. Millions of people move out to sunny L.A. every year aspiring to fame...or just to lay on the beach. Los Angeles is known for its laid-back culture, with everyone traveling on longboards with a surfboard in hand, but the next big thing for La La Land is electric scooters. With your Uber Scuuter in hand, here are some of the best places to ride around Los Angeles.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica beach not only has iconic skate parks and tasty waves, but allows electric scooters to be used on the streets. Ride-share scooter companies have had trouble getting permission in Santa Monica, which means owning your own electric scooter puts you at an advantage in the area. Once you’ve scooted into the beachfront of West LA, you can head over to the Santa Monica Pier and hit up the rides at Pacific Park. Then swap out your scooter for a paddleboard with the many rental options on Santa Monica beach. After riding around in the beach town heat, cool off with an acaí bowl at Earthbar on Ocean Avenue for the full surfer dude experience.

Playa Vista

As one of the LA areas dubbed as part of “Silicon Beach,” Playa Vista is now home to tech giants. If you’re working towards a job at Hulu, Google, or YouTube, your new electric scooter will get you to their Playa Vista headquarters. Becoming an owner of a city scooter can solve all your commuting problems, and your Uber Scuuter can easily fold up to store during your workday. When you’ve clocked out, grab a healthy bite at Urban Plates on your way home -  but keep your eyes peeled, because the new location of HomeState could open its doors any day now (we heart tacos). There’s outdoor seating at both, so you can keep your scooter right at your table while you soak in the sunshine.


Feeling touristy? You’ve heard of bike tours and Segway tours of Hollywood, but did you know there is an electric scooter tour? You can leave the hand sanitizer at home because there will be no scooter sharing here – you bring your own city scooter! Hop on and see the Walk of Fame, Capitol Records, and the filming locations of movies like Forrest Gump and Pretty Woman. There are a few options for guided tours, but you could also do it yourself. When you own your own electric scooter, the options are limitless!

Downtown LA

Is there any traffic more notorious than Los Angeles? There is literally a scene in La La Land where everyone breaks out in song because they’ve been in traffic for so long! Whether you’re headed to your workout sesh at Equinox, hitting up The Broad Museum for an Instagram-able art moment with the Balloon Dog, or piecing together an outfit in the Fashion District, you’ll be (safely) zooming past every Lyft stuck in traffic. But you can still break out in song – the Uber Scuuter has a waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your Coachella playlist, rain or shine.

You can become the hip LA city scooter you always dreamed, riding around Los Angeles. Pick out your Uber Scuuter now.

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