Do I Need a License for an Electric Scooter?

Do I Need a License for an Electric Scooter?

There are going to be different laws coming into play now that electric scooters are becoming more mainstream. While states, municipalities, and even colleges may have their own individual legislation on the topic, let’s focus on one of the main questions asked: Do I need a license to drive an electric scooter?


Answer: It depends on where you live.



When some think of scooters, they think of those skateboard-esque contraptions with a stick and handle at the top for holding on. My, how the world has changed. Scooters are now electric, you can sit on them, they are powered a nifty little motor, and you are off on the town. Ours are even foldable scooters, meaning you can literally take them anywhere.


Being new to the roads, electric scooters have to find their place in the motor vehicle world. Not exactly a couple-thousand-pound piece of machinery, this gadget is still a means to get from point A to point B with the help of a motor. That being said, it is always best to check with your DMV on the local ordinances of driving an electric scooter.

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Different states classify electric scooters in different ways. In general, our foldable scooters could be put in the same category as a motorized bike. While you will not need a license plate or registration, you would still need to be in possession of a valid driver’s license or a learner’s permit in order to operate one. While driving around in some states, your scooter is still considered a street legal vehicle and therefore, must obey all of the same safety laws.

The bottom line is, this is not a simple black and white subject. The general consensus is yes, you will need a valid license to ride an electric scooter.  But as we said, this can fluctuate depending on where you live, and there may also be an impact to the rules of the road as well.

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