Dealing with Commuting in the US

Dealing with Commuting in the US

Ever been late to work because of a terrible commute? From traffic to accidents to subway maintenance, there are *so many* things that can go wrong during your commute. Not to mention, the stress! Commuting is the most stressful part of the day for many people and can quickly take a toll on their wellbeing and mental health.

According to ABC News, the average American drives 16 miles to work each way, and says most Americans commute 52.2 minutes per day. That’s almost 20 hours per month! Educated Driver also reports that the “average American loses 408 days of their life commuting, and in many areas, the toll is even higher”.

 There are solutions, however, that can help you make your commute a bit more enjoyable (OR, you can speed it up by investing in an electric scooter!) Check out these tips to help you level up your commute time. 

Gear up for the day, or wind down

Commute time is an opportunity to change your mindset for work, or for your time at home. In the mornings at home, you could be in the role of caretaker or parent, which can add stress to getting out the door. Commute time is great for putting on your favorite song and switching your mindset to a positive, professional one. HBR surveyed employees from various companies and organizations to learn more about how they typically spent their commute times. They found that employees who scored high on measurements of self-control usually spent their time “productive planning”,  as in they thought about their tasks for that day and the order of their importance before setting foot in the office.


While at work you need to wear many professional hats, but when you get home you have to accomplish a list of chores and duties around your house. Commute time can be dedicated to thinking and shifting your attitude toward what you will accomplish when you get home.

Become a bibliophile

Need to study? Catch up on the latest news? Binge read your favorite series? Many people chose to listen to audio books or read while they’re stuck on a long commute. Podcasts are great too, and listening to your favorite media can help you relax. If you’re not in the mood for books, then music is always a welcome sound to tired ears, too.

Get a folding scooter

Having an easily transportable folding scooter can be the perfect solution during the hectic morning and evening commuting hours. While the roads are jammed with an overwhelming amount of personal cars, buses, and rideshare vehicles, the bike lanes are wide open! You can easily zip to work on our state-of-the-art electric scooter and leave rideshare behind. The folding scooter’s design makes it easy to store in your cubicle, and because the battery charges in just five hours, you’ll have a fully-charged ride for your commute home. Even if you don’t use your scooter for the full ride, it can greatly help with the last mile. Ready to add an improve your commute by adding an electric scooter to your life? Learn more about the Uber Scuuter here >.

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